Babushka: test-driven sysadmin.

Babushka is a humble tool for automating computing chores.

For each job, a test, and the code to make that test pass. On the left is a babushka dep, and on the right, what happens when it's run.

dep 'nginx running' do
  requires 'nginx configured'
  def netstat_cmd
    "netstat -an | grep '^tcp.*[.:]80 .*LISTEN'"
  met? {
    shell?(netstat_cmd).tap {|r|
      log "#{r ? 'Some' : 'No'}thing listening."
  meet {
    log_shell 'Starting', 'initctl start nginx'
$ babushka ‘nginx running’
nginx running {
  nginx configured {
    ✓ The config is valid.
  } ✓ nginx configured
  Nothing listening.
  meet {
    Starting… done.
  Something listening.
} ✓ nginx running

Insta-install: sh -c "`curl`"